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Three sentences which I would say to this frightened junior developer who I was one year ago πŸ˜‰πŸ’ͺ🏻😊

dannutiee profile image Danuta ・3 min read

It's been over a year while I started work as a junior developer. That was an amazing year. Now it is time for some reflections and summation. When I am looking back I see how much I've changed during this time. How much I've learned! About work and especially about me myself. Today ... I would like to share with you some important facts which I wish to hear one year ago from an older and more experienced version of myself.

1. You deserved this position. Believe in yourself!

Do not doubt yourself. I know that it is easy to say and that is is hard to do when it comes to real situations when something goes wrong. There will such situations. You will break some parts of the code. You will override someone's else commits. You will move someone's else task on the Jira board by mistake ... you will make mistakes. Of course, you will! You will start to think that maybe you are not qualified enough and you will feel hopeless. But remember! There is a reason why you are in the place where you currently are. You have been chosen in the recruitment process. You have passed all the interview exercises and you proved that you have all the required skills. You worked very hard to get this job. You deserved this position! Believe in yourself!

2.Companies need juniors too. You are needed!

Do not think that the company gave you a grace hiring you. Do not think that this is the kindness and that you maybe not so necessary as the others, more experienced developers. It's bad thinking. You are needed! You can bring a lot of fresh ideas, thinks, and your unique enthusiasm. You are the person the company was looking for because it needed you. You really can make an impact on the work, people and project quality. Be yourself ! Make mistakes. Learn as much as you can. Share as much as you can with others too and ... don't underestimate your value - You are valuable. You are needed! Enjoy your junior position.

3. You don't need to know everything. Do not be afraid to ask for help!

I remember how difficult it was for me to ask for help when something which I was sure that should work, was not working. I remember how frustrated I was when the solution turned out really easy when someone helped me. "Really? How could I not know that ? ". There will some situations like that - believe me. But there is nothing wrong with them. You should understand the most important thing - no one knows everything. You are learning. You become more experienced with every such situation. And that is beautiful in the junior position. You are exploring new things ... everyday! So make a distance with yourself Take a breath and smile. Today you need to ask for help but tomorrow it can be you that person who will be asked for help. No one knows everything! And also .. everyone can know something which the other person does not know. Ask for help if you need it!

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That is it from me for now

I know that for some of you these things can be obvious but ... for those of you who doubt in yourself just like I have doubted one year ago, I hope this article can be helpful. Believe in yourself!

Thanks for reading! 😊

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