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Discussion on: What is a good code review?

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Hideaki Ishii Author • Edited

Thank you for the comment, and I think it's a good point!

I think, there could be 3 strategies

To be honest, I select the strategies depending on the situation.

I usually select the "3" way and I don't have experience in working in a team whose members are more than 10 (basically 2 ~ 5 members).

  • If my PR is very important in the business (core DB design, API design, or something important), I assign reviewers like:
    • A tech lead (required)
    • Other members who will work in the same part in the future (optional)
  • If my PR implements a normal feature or fixes a bug
    • Someone who has worked in the same part before, or someone who is good at the part
      • For example, If I implement a front-end feature, I want to get a front-end specialist's review as much as possible (required)
    • It may be good to assign the second reviewer (e.g. junior member) to share knowledge (optional)
  • If my PR is very simple (small refactoring or something)
    • Every member
      • In this case, also, It may be good to assign a junior member to share knowledge