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How to integrated fake REST API services in Web application

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Example of MicroENV - fake REST API: Integration service to angular 8 web application

Fake REST API services:

Get all users (GET) - https://app.microenv.com/backend/key/014546ad252a5d83568908/rest/users/
Get user by ID (GET) - https://app.microenv.com/backend/key/014546ad252a5d83568908/rest/users/1
Update User (PUT) - https://app.microenv.com/backend/key/014546ad252a5d83568908/rest/users/1
Create User (POST) - https://app.microenv.com/backend/key/014546ad252a5d83568908/rest/users/
Delete User (DELETE) - https://app.microenv.com/backend/key/014546ad252a5d83568908/rest/users/1
Auth (POST) - https://app.microenv.com/backend/key/014546ad252a5d83568908/rest/token/generate-token

  1. Clone git repository here
  2. Execute npm install in local repo folder
  3. Execute command for run: sudo npm start
  4. Setup of URL: /src/app/service/api.service.ts
  5. Enjoy the development

WEBSITE: https://microenv.com

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