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Discussion on: Say no to Tailwind, embrace plain CSS

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Daniel Smith

this is ridiculous. The overall attitude is to go "bare metal" with each aspect of development. I suppose that is fine if you have all the time in the world, and want to be completely Artisan about it. Do you grind your coffee beans with a Mortar and Pestle too?

it's like saying "dont use Laravel, stick to bare PHP". Or the same idea for Angular, React, Vue, or Svelte.

it's like saying "dont use an ORM, stick to MySQL direct"

you say mastering CSS can't be hard. That may be true. But, let's see, what else have we got going on in the project? Some HTML, of course. Lots of JavaScript, perhaps with some libraries or frameworks.. oh, and what's this over here? Some WebSockets? ok, cool. Oh, and a chrome extension, and perhaps the Push Notifications API? Nice! And hey dont forget about Local Storage. Still with me? Did you switch over to ViteJS to get away from the complexity of WebPack? I did! Do I need to mention WebGL? You against using Three.js for that?

Oh, and we're not done yet! There's some node.js.. how about we just use that raw? Do you object to people using Express? And we're using MongoDB as a store, so should we do that raw? You object to using Mongoose? I could go on. citing examples from Networking, Security, AWS, DevOps, and so on.

Almost everything I mentioned has come up for me this year. I dont have the luxury of hanging out in a particular silo, such as pure css. TailwindCSS is a solid means of getting a great result. And yes, I'm talking about real enterprise paying stuff...

If you are specializing in some narrow aspect of web dev, and you wish to go bare metal, more power to you. But dont expect it to fly with those who have projects that are literally Rube Goldberg machines with lots of moving parts. we have deadlines, and we need to get things done. TailwindCSS is wonderful for what it does.