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Any tips on writing a newsletter for people who code and design ?

Daniel Kolb
I write about e-commerce related code & design topics. Feel free to add me for a chat on LinkedIn!
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I‘m writing the first issue of, a newsletter for creators who work in the e-commerce industry. I really want to take my time to make the first issue valuable.

What’s your experience with dev/design newsletters?
What do you like and what don’t you like?
Maybe somebody has experience with writing dev&design newsletters and can give a newbie some tips ?

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riimo-cmd • Edited

I've only ever been on the receiving side of developer newsletters, but there are a few sections that stand out to me - industry news, job listings, and just for fun. Those first two sections come from a Android dev newsletter I was subscribed to awhile back. It always had sections for industry news (like google allowing Android apps to connect to wear os apps or kotlin got a version update) and job postings (I think for that one they had a link back to their site where the job listings were posted). The just for fun sections come from some other newsletters I get. They usually come in the form of a book/podcast suggestion or a cat video on twitter. All ideas to consider, as long as they align with the style and intended demographics of your newsletter.

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