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re: Hi Daniel without seeing all of your code I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to do. But I'm assuming you are trying to pass the path to the im...

Hi Stephe !

In my form i Hava this:
(use this img temp so just to check my image is there)

I use the just to see that the info is there.
then I call <upload-image...., with the parameter that you see.
But when I get into :

selector: 'upload-imagen',
templateUrl: './imagen.component.html',
styleUrls: ['./imagen.component.scss'],


export class imageUploadComponent {
@Input() imagen: any;
and do a console.log(this.imagen) can see :undefined
So I guess Im not passing the parameter ok or Im not using (@Input() imagen: any;) the correct way.

Hope you undertand me and thx for your time

Hi I can't really debug for you from here... But have you imported input?

selector: 'upload-imagen', ....

and ...
export class imageUploadComponent {
@Input() imagen: any;

Could it be that passing parameter has a size limit ?


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