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Nevertheless, Daniele Coded!

Daniele Vilela
I'm a Software Developer with 9 years experience. My current stack at the moment is based on JavaScript, TypeScript, React, React Native, Node and GraphQL.
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For my first post I couldn't choose a better day to share my side in a DEV community && International Women's Day.

This year I've completed 9 years as Software Developer but my story with tech started way before.

Surprisingly or not, I knew that I wanted to pursue Computer Science at a very young age. Twelve to be more exact.. and what got me hooked was a very simple task that opened my eyes: the feeling that I had after I was able to change the background-color with CSS of my teenager blog . Seems so simple to think about it now.. but having a computer and/or internet back in Brazil at that time wasn't that accessible. To give a better perspective, my family's internet plan was 10h per MONTH and I will never forget the excitement when hearing that Dial-up internet sound btw haha!

Long story short, I started my Computer Science course in 2008. And I was very aware about some of the challenges I could face: in a class of 45 students if I could count 3 women it was a victory! Thankfully the current scenario is slowly changing and I'm hoping for the day I see way more women being CTO's!

I cannot forget to say that I feel very accomplished to be able to be here today writing this (again) blog post. I feel very grateful for this career and it blows my mind everytime when I realize how tech changed since then and how the world followed that.

Being a developer allowed me to travel the world and currently I'm living in Vancouver, Canada, where I recently started working for a Startup focused on advance women in the workplace. Specially STEM fields. Aha!

Being a woman, immigrant and trying to thrive in the tech industry wasn't always easy but gave me lot of good stories and cant wait for the next ones. So, thank you community for this initiative! :)

My biggest goal is…

To find a way to improve the world through technology.

My advice for allies to support underrepresented folks who code is...

I guess the best way to support a cause/someone is to actually listen. To understand why are they underrepresented and to not minimize a struggle just because you didn't face the same experience. And then start acting from there.

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Ella Ang (she/her/elle)

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Daniele. What a great first post on DEV!

Looking forward to more articles from you, especially stories of startup life as an advocate for women in STEM!