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Hi Sven,

Congratulations, this looks like an awesome project.

You should know however that your name "Gitpod" infringes on the Git trademark and you will likely need their permission to use this name. They have an extensive page about the trademark here.

The section is question is here:

2.3 Prohibited usages of the Marks

You may not use the Marks in the following ways:

In any way likely to cause confusion as to the identity of the Git Project, the provenance of its software, or the software's license.

In any way that indicates a greater degree of association between you and the Git Project than actually exists.

In any way that implies a designated successor to Git (e.g., "Git++" is not permitted).

In any way that indicates that Git favors one distribution, platform, product, etc. over another except where explicitly indicated in writing by Conservancy.

In any other way that dilutes or otherwise infringes upon the trademark rights of Conservancy and the Git Project in the Marks.

To refer to the Git software, modified by a third party to the point of inoperability with Git software in substantially unmodified form.

In addition, you may not use any of the Marks as a syllable in a new word or as part of a portmanteau (e.g., "Gitalicious", "Gitpedia") used as a mark for a third-party product or service without Conservancy's written permission. For the avoidance of doubt, this provision applies even to third-party marks that use the Marks as a syllable or as part of a portmanteau to refer to a product or service's use of Git code.


Hi Dangeranger,

I'm Moritz, I also work on Gitpod. Thank you for pointing this out.

We also own a trademark for "Gitpod".

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