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Running A Youtube Channel - 10 Ways Developers Make Money Working from Home - E01

I recently switched from working at a company to freelancing and had a lot of my friends asking me: how's that going.

I'll tell you what I told everyone: It's going great, and I am really surprised I succeeded in this. The minimum salary I've got till now is $500/day.

You have to be good in order to switch to freelancing and get to those numbers, but is not that hard, so don't overthink, just start.

Because I successfully managed to convert 2 of my friend from 8–5 jobs to freelancing, and more of my friends want me to help them, I decided to create a video series about that later this year. It will be free on YouTube, so be sure you Subscribe here.

Running A Youtube Channel - 10 Ways Developers Make Money Working from Home - E01

YouTube video here

YouTube is a great platform where you can make money by making videos on different topics or about things that you know or are passionate about.

If you're a web developer and know how to educate others on how to build websites, then it's time for you to start earning money by running a Youtube Channel.

The process is simple:
Create interesting content for the viewers.
Post your videos regularly & share them with your audience on social media.
Once, you'll start getting love from the audience in the shape of subscribers, likes & views. You can then monetize your channel from google AdSense, bring sponsors & do affiliate marketing.

In this video series, I share the best ways and how to increase your money income as a web developer while working from home.

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Timeline - Running A Youtube Channel
00:00 Intro
00:24 Running A Youtube Channel
00:58 Live Coding & Streaming
01:21 Courses
01:44 Digital Products
01:57 Software-as-a-service
02:41 Why&how To Blog
03:17 Freelancing
04:40 Working As A Professional Developer
05:13 Mentoring
05:18 Contributing To Open Source
05:26 Outro

Other parts:

  1. Running A Youtube Channel -
    How did I start YouTube?
    MrBeast YouTube Growth Success
    YouTube Niches
    Recording software for YouTube videos - Obs is free
    Video editing software for YouTube videos - Davinci Resolve is Free
    Increase YouTube content engagement

  2. Live Coding & Streaming -
    Make money coding live
    Set goals for your audience
    Mentoring sessions

  3. Courses -
    Why create a course?
    Youtube videos
    How to create a course?
    Create a course outline
    Grow an audience
    Platforms to sell a course
    Publish course to your own website
    Create your own Newsletter
    Ways to Get People to Buy Your Products
    Post-launch Discounts

  4. Digital Products -
    What products to create?
    Why digital products?
    Instant access
    Where to sell?
    How to create a product?
    How to write a book Google Docs
    Create page templates/Create page themes
    What to do when you don’t have ideas? - boost ideas
    Build an MVP
    Create your own Newsletter
    Growing Your Audience
    Sell anything by Creating a Bundle

  5. Software-as-a-service -
    What the hell is SaaS?
    How to build a SaaS?
    Ways to start
    How to deal with competitors
    Lean thinking
    Build features that people actually use
    How to Validate Feature and Product Ideas Before You Build
    Choosing the Right Tech Stack for Your Project
    Scaling tips
    Trending Tech Stack
    Choosing the Pricing model for your business
    A typical validated learning process
    Analysis Data
    What is User testing?
    What is Split testing?
    Saas Marketing Examples

  6. Why&how To Blog -
    Why start blogging?
    Write articles
    How to increase Motivation as a Blogger
    Stop thinking and start doing
    Find your audience
    What do you need to start blogging?
    How to create a blog?
    How to grow an audience
    Create an email newsletter
    How to make money blogging?
    How to add Ads on the blog
    How to Affiliate and Market a blog?
    Make money via Sponsored posts
    How to promote services and products?
    Create content and get paid

  7. Freelancing -
    How to create a website
    Be Professional - Register an LLC
    Why choose Freelancing?
    How to start freelancing
    How to create a good portfolio
    What a great portfolio should contain
    How to charge for a website
    Hourly Pricing
    Project-based Pricing
    Value-based Pricing
    How to get clients?
    Tips - how to get more clients
    What are Google Ads
    Keywords to bid as a freelancer
    How to get more sales/conversions
    Linkedin Ads Tips
    Linkedin InMail Ads Tips
    Build your own website
    Freelancing platforms
    Get clients fast as a freelancer

  8. Working As A Professional Developer -
    Opportunities When Starting Out
    How to Prepare for a Job
    Take Online Courses?
    What College Taught Me
    How to Learn Faster
    Make Your Free Time Count
    Effective Way to Improve Your Code by Reviewing Open Source Code
    Start Creating an Mvp
    Get Others Opinions
    Find a Mentor
    Create a Portfolio
    Portfolio Website Checklist
    Think Outside the Box
    Be Professional
    Job Application Tips
    Tips for Great Job Interviews
    Make Linkedin Profile Impressive

  9. Mentoring -
    Monetize tutoring
    Practice your skills
    How much to Charge for online mentoring?
    Provide value mentoring and people will come like a stream

  10. Contributing To Open Source -
    What is Open Source?
    Can you make money with Open Source?
    Github Sponsors
    How to Engage people to Finance your work?
    Start a Patreon
    Set monthly audience goals
    Benefits of Open Source as a web developer
    Create a premium version of the Open Source project
    What is Freemium software

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