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re: Vue cli, and NG cli both abstract Webpack to the point that it's teivial, yep that's a fair, but misses the point of my post, how many tools where ...

I'm not sure what you mean complex js comes out. The tools are to bundle, which doesn't change the code, to minify which doesn't change what the code does and does obey a spec, and to allow the latest version of the js spec while working with older browsers that don't know that syntax yet. None of that is super complex and they all solve really problems that attacking the tools doesn't solve.

Sure there other parts like single file Vue components, but they also are fairly straightforward tools that arent particularly hard to understand. I guess I have done all of this stuff without the simple method webpack provides so I understand exactly what all of these tools are doing and why they are there. Does this seem like its an interpreted language to you because what the tools are doing seems like magic?

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