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40 reasons why I love being a DEV!

danenglishby profile image Dan Englishby Originally published at ・3 min read

Here’s my personal list of reasons why I love being a developer and always will. I hope you can share this list with people who aspire to be web developers or programmers and maybe, it will make them jump and give it go! Honestly, If you’re fed up with your current job, and it’s not in development, try being a developer, it’s awesome.

The whole purpose of this post is to try to give non-developers a glimpse into the life of what it’s like to be a developer. From there, you can make your own mind up!

Reasons why being a developer is awesome

  1. Learning something new pretty much every day.
  2. Being challenged every day whether that be a simple bug fix, to something big like a new project.
  3. Being able to see technology make life easier.
  4. Taking part in a fast-moving industry that never ceases to amaze you.
  5. Lots of coffee.
  6. Discovering new open-sourced (free) tools & resources to work with consistently – thanks to GitHub.
  7. The opportunity to be creative with your own ideas.
  8. Being part of a global industry where everyone knows that arrays start at zero :).
  9. With the right dedication and consistency, you can learn yourself to be a pro at this type of work.
  10. Pretty decent money, especially for something you love.
  11. More coffee.
  12. There is always room to learn more.
  13. Technology is the future, and it will be here for a long, long time.
  14. No worries about the development industry disappearing.
  15. It’s great fun and there is definitely lots of coffee.
  16. The only job that you can eat a chocolate cake for breakfast and now be frowned upon. (Devs need much sugar)
  17. Using beautiful coding software like Visual Studio.
  18. Learning to interface applications with just about anything these days.
  19. This one is hard to believe… Actually not being too bothered about going to work.
  20. Realizing that StackOverflow is my new Bible.
  21. Google is now my best friend.
  22. Appreciating, deeply, how much effort is used in things like Xbox Games & Virtual Assistants like Amazon’s Alexa.
  23. The only job that you and your colleagues can get over-excited when you reduce 6 lines of code to 1.
  24. Maintaining and being proud of my 80 words per minute typing speed.
  25. Red Bull.
  26. Making time-consuming tasks super fast.
  27. Having a good reason to actually be on Twitter. Ahem, follow me – @DanEnglishby
  28. Developing things that quite possibly have the potential to change the world.
  29. Seeing the look on the client’s faces when they get their software/website or another technical resource!
  30. My nan telling everyone I’m a genius because I’m a coder.
  31. Being able to take my laptop to a beach and write code (Yep I did this once).
  32. Having the skills to become a freelancer or start my own business easily.
  33. Being able to just look at a website and pretty much figure out how it was made.
  34. Caring about what color my IDE theme is. (Dark, of course)
  35. Having a genuinely fulfilling career.
  36. Taking pride in telling people why Internet Explorer is useless and Google Chrome is superior.
  37. Having great job security, there are always jobs available for developers.
  38. Being passionate about what I do.
  39. There is how-to-guides to build or learn just about anything.
  40. Did I mention there is lots of coffee?

Summing Up

I hope you enjoyed my reasons as to why being a web developer or programmer is awesome. I would love to hear your personal reasons as to why you love being a developer too! Please leave a comment with yours.

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Discussion (2)

agathebadia profile image
Agathe Badia

Hahaha so many coffee points :P

I love #29 - Seeing the look on the client’s faces when they get their software/website or another technical resource!

I would also add that it's an amazing way to be creative, I used to create jewels, and have a hands on approach on creative activities, but I see programming as a new way to create and share it with the entire world!!

danenglishby profile image
Dan Englishby Author

Glad you enjoyed it! Yep, I agree with your addition!

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