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TFS (Team foundation) lets you commit your code without a message. I sometimes commit without a message...

And I reformat others' code.

The worst offender is always Googling for simple tasks such adding simple HTML elements such as adding CSS link tags and script tags... (I wonder if it's just me not knowing how to add them out of memory 🤔)


No commit message is such an odd thing to me.

I also always good css link tags 😂


git way of forcing a message should be how all VCS should be IMHO.

I also always good css link tags 😂
😂 👊


We moved all our code from TFVC to TFS Git which I can highly recommend. You get the best of both worlds (TFS backlog and project control together with Git version control). And you will never commit without a message again 😉


Wow 😮
Thanks, Jacob.
I wasn't aware it was possible to migrate to TFS Git and keep all the history.

I will check it out~

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