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Yes. It's a must.

The majority of books I read are non-tech books as I can learn better from videos and actually doing what I learned.

From what I've learned/read, creativity stems from connecting dots in your brain. One of the books I read talks about how words we use are grouped together in our brain (words you use for programming, such as JavaScript, Web, coffee are stored near each other while words like truck, sky, fan, etc are stored far from where tech words are stored).

I believe reading books would help you bridge gaps between words/ideas you normally don't use together. (another way is to use analogies daily by using words/ideas that are not related. As a simple/contrived example, "Her eyes are as blue as sky". Eyes & Sky are not related and rarely associated together. And your brain would try to create an association between those two words).

While reading books, if you might run into situations you've never considered before, thus brain creates association between gap of what you know & just read/learned.

So the gist is, reading should be a must IMO.
(Sorry I didn't have time to edit it to make the reply shorter).


Thanks for sharing your thoughts Sung!

"One of the books I read talks about how words we use are grouped together in our brain"

That book sounds really interesting, would you mind sharing it's name/link to it?


Ah, it's a Korean book (,which doesn't have English translation...😒) titled 열두 발자ꡭ (Literal translation: Twelve Steps) written by a renowned/well-known Korean physicist who studies how brain 🧠works.
(That's right. He's a physicist/doctor but not a MD πŸ˜€).

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