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Daniel Canetti
A Web Developer living and working in Yorkshire, England.
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WordPressify is a modern workflow for your WordPress development, with an integrated web server, that ties into GitHub, BitBucket and GitLab via WP Pusher.

Setting up MySQL Locally

The easiest approach to setting up WordPressify is to have a local instance of MySQL installed, this runs on the Mac and can be controlled MySQL from System Preferences.

  • Download MySQL Community Server from the official site.
  • Follow the installation instructions.

Connecting to local MySQL via Sequel Pro

I prefer to use Sequel Pro to connect to MySQL rather than using the command line. You can download Sequel Pro for free here.

  • Open Sequel Pro.
  • Choose the Socket option.
  • Enter the Username and Password you created during the MySQL install.
  • You should now be connected.

Preparing to install WordPressify.

  • Create a new database.
  • Create a new user or assign a current user the correct privileges.
  • Keep note of the database name, username, and password. You’ll need these on the next step.

Installing WordPressify

These instructions can be found on the WordPressify website, I’ve included here for ease of use. I have a folder which I use for my Laravel Homestead sites and install each instance in here to keep my workflow simple.

  • Using the command line navigate to your desired root directory.
  • Using the command line navigate to your desired root directory - git clone
  • Install the NPM dependancies - npm install.
  • Change the template name. Open the gulpfile.js and edit this line: const themeName = 'wordpressify';.
  • Download the latest version of WordPress - npm run install:wordpress.
  • Start the workflow and complete the WordPress Install - npm run dev.
  • Connecting to local MySQL during the WordPress Install.
    • Add the database, username, and password.
    • Use as the host.
  • Add your site name, user name and password for the initial user.
  • Your site should now be installed using WordPressify.

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