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Discussion on: How do you name your git branches?

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Daniel Tonon

Git Flow is a well known and established way of handling branches that works really well on pretty much any sized project in my experience.

master = current state of the live site.

develop = stable development environment that keeps all developers in sync.

feature/feature-name = unstable new features under development or refactoring that might break the site.

hotfix = fixing a critical bug on the live site.

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This plus JIRA-123 ticket number works well for us, so feature/WEB-123_some_description_to_help is picked up by JIRA and branches and commits are linked to the ticket, sorted.

On the traceability side we tag commits and record these as releases in JIRA giving us requirement to deployment tracking.

For all the flack JIRA gets I've yet to see another system link things together as easily and clearly

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Luke 👨🏽‍💻

I'm surprised this is the only post mentioning Git Flow! I've been using it for a few years and absolutely love it. It's especially nice to have a methodology a CLI tool too.

The Atlassian docs are great, but whenever I want to look a Git Flow thing up I go here:

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Daniel Tonon

I know right? I was expecting the article to be about Git Flow, but it wasn't. Then I was expecting the first comment I saw to be about Git Flow, but it wasn't. Then I was expecting at least one comment to be about Git Flow, but there weren't any.

I had to make things right!

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+1 for Gitflow!
I found this site very helpful: