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Discussion on: Is TypeScript Really... A Language??

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Damian Cipolat

I do not think it is a language it is just a tool that uses JS and generates a code of a rather poor quality by the way. I think it could become a language the day they invent their own engine as google did with v8 and can directly understand TS, but for me it is still a super set of js and saying that it is a language is a joke for programming languages real. Personally I have used TS and it really provides little, it is quite ridiculous that they have not implemented something better with numbers and do not implement float, double. I think it's halfway there and I don't see why it becomes so popular. More could do a better try or let companies like google explore this better and be features of v8 at some point.

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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author

But... what do you really think of TS?? :-D

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