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Discussion on: 6 tips for your developer resume

damjand profile image
Damjan Dimitrov • Edited on

Hey! Thanks a lot for sharing these helpful tips and insights. I am curious to know why you think that pictures of you should never be put on the resume? I've seen this advice a couple of times before, does it have something to do with prejudice?

stephanlamoureux profile image
Stephan Lamoureux

Yes, that's exactly why. There are some countries where this is the norm though. I think it's common in a lot of European countries to include a picture.

gmelodie profile image
Gabriel Cruz (he/him) Author

Mostly because of prejudice yeah, but you can also think about it this way: a resume is something people will analyze to judge you for a role. Do you want your looks to be one of the criteria they take into account?