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Discussion on: How I Deal With Bad User Feedback

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DamirTomic • Edited on

I just downloaded your app. It's pretty interesting.

But your description isn't concise. I looked at the Google Play images, thought to myself "I guess this is an app for generating images?" and when I checked the description, I found a long explanation that doesn't explain that much. It needs more impact.

Another thing. You don't have a dedicated back button in the Shape submenu. When you click Words or Color, you can go back to the "main menu" by pressing the left arrow in the top left corner. But when you enter shapes view, there is no dedicated back button in your UI.

Similar thing when you press Other. Maybe you could add a "Back to main" button left of rotate/boarder/image buttons which switches back to words/color/shape/other menu.

Obviously, you could press the Android back button, but I find that some people don't press it because if they press it too many times the app will close so they are "afraid" of it.