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This is such an interesting subject. My personal experience is less about the stress but more about focus. I've always been intrigued by meditation and mindfulness. I started about a year ago to just sit and count my breath for a few minutes. I'm trying to make it a more regular thing, especially every morning before I start anything programming related.
Well, even if I am not a mindfulness guru, there is no question that I am feeling more relaxed, more focused and more productive after those meditation sessions.

So, whenever I have the willpower to do it, I sit down, close my eyes, count from 1 to 10 with each breath. Whenever I notice that my mind is not focusing on my breath anymore, I gently bring it back. And, even if I am not as regular as I would like, I do feel a difference in my mood and focus for a couple hours after this.

If I ever feel really stressed about work, there is no question that sitting down for a few minutes is the first thing I will try. Slowing things down, clearing my mind. I guess it's very similar to people telling programmers to just walk away from the computer when they get stuck.

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