A command line application: Scraping dev.to with puppeteer

Damien Cosset on May 19, 2019

Introduction For my InvoiceMaker application, I used Puppeteer to generate a PDF. I quite enjoyed the simplicity of the tool, and to sho... [Read Full]
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Nice article Damien. Loves me some Puppeteer! Checkout the thing I did awhile back, I'd love some feedback as if you are so included. hub.docker.com/r/davidjeddy/docker...


Shouldn't promises from Promise.all() run sequential (waitForNavigation then click)?


Ok, so this is a part that I still have trouble getting my head around. There are some good answers I believe on this issue.

waitForNavigation will only resolve once the navigation has started and completed. So it will resolve after the page.click has completed. If I understood it correctly.

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