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"eventually manipulate them using ads"

Any evidence for this?


Reading users gmail email content, collecting real location from gsm transmitters on android phones, tracking complete user activity up to android unlock device detail, tracking speach with assistent or mastercard payment infos?

Its is not question IF it is just a question WHEN are these infos going to be used against end users.

Adds are going to be light case of manipulation, but news filtration, recomendation algorithms for interest groups can and will have hard influence on interests of individuals in the future.

Human behavior is easy to predict, and with enough data it will be easy to influence as well!


It's also easy to predict dystopias that never came to life and keep saying "but one day it will!"...

Can you provide a concrete case where a person was manipulated by an ad into doing something she didn't want?

It happens all of the time, take any highly comercialised product, drink or food. Purpouse of adds is increasing sales and that is fine. I was refering to so customised adds that will fit your psihological profile that you will not resist.

Something like nestle does with enhanced flavours without people actualy knowing it:

Back to the topic, rise awareness, make alternatives.


Not Google, but Facebook was experimenting on its users' emotional states without their knowledge or consent four years ago.

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