re: Actually, your second example isn't useless. For sake of argument, your getter/setter is used in multiple locations throughout your application. ...

i got to disagree on the principes of future proof.
That is a conception key point :

  • or this variable needs validation and so it Requires Setter/Getter
  • or (as in the example I wrote) it doesn't need validation and so setter/getter are just one useless layer of abstraction.

The point you make that maybe in the future you'll need validation is very interesting: it confirms another OOP situations where developpers overlook properties roles and visibility.
But that is not an OOP requirement or practice it's a conception mistake that needs to be fixed.
My point is that many devs think setting private AND writing setter/getter is "the way to go" in all situations, that's wrong on many occasions.
Visibility/validation is an important part BUT of the conception phase.
I don't even mention security 'cause if it was not thought in conception something's wrong.

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