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Discussion on: React vs Vue vs Angular vs Svelte

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I don't want to start a flamewar but i see a trend where React is considered the -only- viable framework and -some- people reacting like religious zealots against any critics because "it's the best ! it's made by Facebook!"
React is too hyped IMHO.
Svelte is a a true innovation. And yes performance matters.
Angular and Vue may lose traction with time... i think... i fail to see their distinctive useful points.

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Henry Boisdequin Author

I completely agree with you. Most React devs now will not try any other framework and just make fun of the others. I completely agree that React is too hyped. Unfortunately, as you stated, Angular and Vue are losing some traction. I also agree with you that Svelte is a true innovation, this is why I put Svelte at number 1! For 2021, I will focus on using Svelte. Thanks for reading!