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Discussion on: 5 Qualities That Make You A Hireable Senior Engineer

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Daine Mawer Author

Hey Julien! Thanks for the comment and the detailed feedback! I'm definitely not trying to encourage bringing ideas to the table just for the sake of having a solution.

What I'm trying to assess in seniors at that point is their level of autonomy. You are right in saying that it's better for a senior to admit "I don't know" - that keeps the playing field transparent. But what I would like to see from seniors is a situation where they say: "I don't know how to do this, but here's what I think we should do" - this way it doesn't make it my responsibility to solve their challenges. I'd rather guide them into finding the correct solution than just giving it to them.

This behaviour encourages trust and, you never know, they may actually be spot on with a potential solution but just too green or too nervous to suggest it.