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Daily 2.0 is now LIVE! πŸš€

idoshamun profile image Ido Shamun ・1 min read

After a long time and the waiting is now over, Daily 2.0 is here!

For those who don’t already use Daily, it is a new-tab Chrome & Firefox extension that helps developers stay updated with the most relevant dev news.

We’ve built Daily because we, as developers, find ourselves spending a lot of time looking for valuable articles and blog posts. It wastes a lot of time that otherwise could have been used for coding and being productive. We are here to help other devs around the world save time by collecting, ranking and delivering the best dev news out there.

Daily 2.0 is a completely redeveloped and redesigned version of Daily. It aims to help busy developers rock like never before. 🀘🏿

We value our user community. When we went back to the whiteboard, user feedback was the first thing we turned to. We are proud to announce that Daily 2.0 is:

  • Much faster πŸš€
  • Better looking 🎨
  • More private πŸ‘»
  • Highly customizable πŸ”§

Tag based filtering, source suggestion, read time estimation, single source / tag view, report broken / NSFW content are just some of the new features we have added especially for you.

Daily is made by developers for developers ❀️

We will be happy for your support on Product Hunt:

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