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Vanilla JavaScript Browser Detection

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Now and then, you might want to show specific alerts based on the browser the visitor uses.

For instance, this can be because you just made a new Chrome browser extension and want everyone on Chrome to auto-download it.

Non Preferred method

The nonpreferred method uses the user-agent, a lot of browsers and systems spoof this, so it's not reliable.

We won't be diving into that in this tutorial.

JavaScript Browser Detection

So we'll be using feature detection, it validates browser-specific elements.

What is looks like in code:

// Opera 8.0+
var isOpera =
  (!!window.opr && !!opr.addons) ||
  !!window.opera ||
  navigator.userAgent.indexOf(' OPR/') >= 0;

// Firefox 1.0+
var isFirefox = typeof InstallTrigger !== 'undefined';

// Safari 3.0+ "[object HTMLElementConstructor]"
var isSafari =
  /constructor/i.test(window.HTMLElement) ||
  (function(p) {
    return p.toString() === '[object SafariRemoteNotification]';
  })(!window['safari'] || (typeof safari !== 'undefined' && safari.pushNotification));

// Internet Explorer 6-11
var isIE = /*@cc_on!@*/ false || !!document.documentMode;

// Edge 20+
var isEdge = !isIE && !!window.StyleMedia;

// Chrome 1 - 79
var isChrome = !!window.chrome && (!!window.chrome.webstore || !!window.chrome.runtime);

// Edge (based on chromium) detection
var isEdgeChromium = isChrome && navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Edg') != -1;

// Blink engine detection
var isBlink = (isChrome || isOpera) && !!window.CSS;

var output = 'Your browser is 🎩:<br />';
output += 'isFirefox: ' + isFirefox + '<br>';
output += 'isChrome: ' + isChrome + '<br>';
output += 'isSafari: ' + isSafari + '<br>';
output += 'isOpera: ' + isOpera + '<br>';
output += 'isIE: ' + isIE + '<br>';
output += 'isEdge: ' + isEdge + '<br>';
output += 'isEdgeChromium: ' + isEdgeChromium + '<br>';
output += 'isBlink: ' + isBlink + '<br>';
document.body.innerHTML = output;

Credit of this script goes to Rob W

View this on Codepen.

See the Pen Vanilla JavaScript Browser Detection by Chris Bongers (@rebelchris) on CodePen.

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It doesn’t work with Safari in pwa-mode on iPad.


Thanks for noting this, will have a look into this.


Are there any recommended browser-detection libraries? That way I don't have to worry about maintaining browser detection myself lol


Hey, good question!

I think Modernizr is a very good way to goo then: modernizr.com/