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Chris Bongers Author

Hey patricio,
Thanks for your comment and valid point
I guess there is a big vague area about full-stack.

On papper some of these would qualify, seeing a frontender could connect his frontend too a serverless solution and call it full stack.

I totally get your point,
Would be a great topic too investegate when we can call it full-stack.

I had an interesting talk this afternoon.

The statement was it’s more

  • product developer
  • platform engineer

Where a full stack would be a product dev, doesnt really matter what solutions as long as it serves the product

A platform engineer would be someone actually using propper databases and design a solid system.

I found this statement very powerful and maybe more true than using the term full stack.

What would you say?

Nevertheless yes these are easier beginner front end with simple database solution projects.
Still good for people who want to start their journeys as full stack devs

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Carlos Garcia β˜…

I found this post very helpful. Though I have some side projects of my own it's always good to find new challenges to improve skills. It would be nice to have a follow-up post that focuses more on the back-end part of projects to have a well-rounded full-stack skill set. Thanks!

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Chris Bongers Author

Can do, but might be a big mix of back-end systems.
So 1 php, 1 node, 1 react, 1 python etc to keep it fair, but really good idea!