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A first look at Prisma Studio

Ever since I started showing interest in Prisma, the Studio element kept showing up everywhere.

Prisma studio is basically a GUI for the data in your database.
I haven't used it myself at the time of writing, so we'll be learning what it can do together.

For this, we'll use the project we just created, and you can follow along by using this GitHub branch.

What is Prisma Studio

Prisma Studio is a visual interface to the data in your database.

You can use this to quickly visualize data and work with the data in there.

Prisma studio

The cool part is that it runs in your browser, and you don't need to set up any connection as it's already available in your project.

Note: You can download a desktop app as well if your prefer

You can quickly open all the models your application has and interact with it the CRUD way from the tool.

CRUD stands for: Create, Read, Update, Delete.

You can also use filters and sorting options, making it super easy to navigate through your data.

Launching Prisma Studio

I've never seen a database GUI that was so easy to launch. Literally all you have to do is run the following command from a Prisma project.

npx prisma studio
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It will automatically open localhost:5555, where you can see your data.

Local Prisma studio

Alternatively, you can download a native app from the Prisma website.

Download the Prisma Studio app


Definitely cool we can launch a GUI without any setup needed.
I will 100% use this if I need a quick visualization of my data.

Will you be trying out Prisma Studio?

Thank you for reading, and let's connect!

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