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Discussion on: Python vs Java

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Arnaud Dagnelies

I really like the accuracy and neutrality of your comment. However, I would like to add two more aspects to it.

Learning curve

Java: requires more overhead to get started, has more concepts to grasp (proper OO, == vs equals, hashcodes, ...) and lower "expressivity"
Python: trivial to pick up, very intuitive, easier to learn and get something done quickly


Java: many libs tends to over-engineer stuff, perhaps because their tooling is so good. But this leads to a large slow paced ecosystem. The JDK itself has also a poor "stewardship" (you still need a signed Oracle Agreement to even suggest a bugfix to the *Open*JDK)
Python: embraces simplicity and intuitiveness as its core philosophy. Fast paced ecosystem. Contributions and evolution of Python itself is also very open and community driven.

My own opinion: I find python very pleasant to work with. It's easy, it's intuitive, it has lots of "batteries included" and my usual choice for small projects. However, for bigger projects, I still tend to Java. The typing system, the tooling and good multithreading just beats it at some point when the project grows.