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Im rather curious why you would choose something as heavy as wordpress when you could go with something much lighter, like a static site generator? If it's only a blog, even wordpress is overkill, and would have a lot more security concerns.

Ones that come to mind are:

Easy to setup, minimal effort to write entries assuming youre ok writing in markdown/restructured text, etc.. cheaper requirements than wordpress too (no db backend, etc).

Just curious if you had considered that when you decided on WP.


To be honest I did not really consider any other options. I had previous experience with WP before so that made me choose it.

I haven't heard about those before and I was a bit time constricted when I set up the site so didn't really have time to do any research. WordPress was a fallback to a "safe" option so to speak. :)


Makes sense, was just curious given your use case :)

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