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re: Yes. I think the answer is about people and not tools but I think it is the same everywhere and not just software. If the people can get along then...

I tried answering this quite a while back on my own blog, as I encountered the same problem. The issue that I saw (and stil see), is that we do not (can not?) have a standard agreed upon definition or description of what devops is / does. It is different between person to person and organization to organization, which makes it very difficult to subscribe to any one definition in the first place. Here are the thoughts I had on it -- LMK your thoughts on this.

Not a bad analysis but let me ask you a question, why aren't there so many posts about describing front-end and back-end engineers? What is it specifically about DevOps that makes it so vague that everyone has their own variation of what it should be?

That's a good question. I might actually write a post about that one, as I think I can answer it. Will be fun to write about too! I'll post back soon.

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