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OSD600 r0.4 progress

Im my Planning post I outlined a few things on how I plan to implement the new stylesheed of the application. However, after I started working on it, I noticed a partially integrated material UI v4 was already integrated into the project.

Based on this, I had to correct my plans.
First, I migrated the project to the latest v5 material ui.

As a part of this, I implemented a ThemeProvider

Then, I migrated the existing nav bar to the appropriate AppBar component, and fixed the SPA style navigation on the page, creating a custom navigation button component, that is also able to display if the path is active or not. At this step, I also added support for responsive fonts.

Finally, I added a Drawer that replaces the navigation links in the top app bar with a "hamburger menu" style navigation drawer.

Overall the project progresses along nicely, encorporating a lot of enhancements.

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