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re: Achieving 100% code coverage will make you a better developer. Seriously. VIEW POST

re: I agree with Martin Fowler and respectfully disagree with your take - I think it's important to avoid being dogmatic about these things. Saying yo...

Kyle, I agree with Martin Fowler on this too. I’m not dogmatic about it either (despite what you might think from my writing 🤣).

My point with this post is that the skill of being able to achieve 100% coverage is a great skill to possess as a developer.

Not that I’d always need to achieve it on every project.

I too am suspicious of 100% coverage. That’s my point about honesty above. Being able to achieve 100% coverage without cheating is difficult.

One thing I’ve learned from writing about code coverage is that it’s hard to get across the message that I’m trying to. It’s unusual for writers to frame code coverage as a learning/growth tool. I’ll keep trying!

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