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re: Testing Svelte stores and mocking dependencies VIEW POST

re: I appreciate you taking the time, I really hope this helps someone! Here is a link to one of my custom stores:

Another thing you can try is instantiating JSDOM before you import any test files. For Jasmine, you can create a helper (which is simply an file that’s loaded) and register it in spec/support/jasmine.json.

Jest does this implicitly because it has the notion of an ”environment” in which your tests run, and the standard environment is a JSDOM environment.

I don’t really like this approach as not all test files require JSDOM, but it might solve this problem? It’s worth trying.

Would I then import the JSDOM into svelte.js? helpers don't seem to be ES6 compatible so this is causing me some syntax errors.

Oh, of course. I should have thought of that. You’ll need to take that one function, create a new file with just that, and convert import -> require. I can try it myself tomorrow

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