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Discussion on: Getting started with Hyperledger Composer and private blockchains

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Hello Damien,
This is really very helpful article to start hyperledger composer and understand rest api along with it. I have few questions:

  1. Participants and assets can be deleted as per composer (localhost:3000/explorer/#/) but not transactions. How participants and assets can be deleted if they are stored in blockchain?

  2. I have faced some validation issue like buyer doesn't have enough fund to buy the property, where have you written such validation in code? i dont see it in logic.js file.

  3. Do you have composer + fabric in nodejs rather than in react, It would be easier for me to create api using nodejs.

Thank you so much for such wonderful article.

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Damien Cosset Author

Thanks for the kind words.

1) I could be wrong on this, but I don't think it is possible to remove participants and assets from the blockchain. A distributed ledger is an append-only system. In a permissioned blockchain, you would simply remove the ability from a participant to make any sort of transactions.

2) This error should appear in the buyingRealEstate function. We check if the buyer has enough funds to pay the other participants.

3) I'll see what I can do :)

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