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Primarily I have 3 computers to be exact.
1) An Intel i7 gaming rig running windows 10.
I can not lie about this one. The core reason I built this workstation is mostly out of love for gaming. This one has two 22inch displays for working purpose and it usually runs windows 10 + Debian for windows for the lite working purpose, and I have a backup HDD with Linux mint installed so that I can use it in any kind of emergency.

2) Macbook pro-2017
I mostly use it because I am balancing my life between university and job where I need to work every possible hour that I can, And this machine lets me work from university library very easily.
The reason I picked MBP was that sometimes I need to use Xcode.

3) Acer potato laptop
I bought this at a time when I had less money and I needed to work outside of my home. Bought the cheapest laptop that I could find and upgraded its ram. Currently, it does nothing except for being a media server.


The reason I picked MBP was that sometimes I need to use Xcode.

Apple really handcuffs developers with this.


Unless you build a Hackintosh 😉

my previous pc had a unsupported cpu. tried to build one with the current pc, and failed.. seems to be some kind of problem with graphics driver 😶

Which GPU do you have? Or is it integrated?

I have a GTX950 2gb as my gpu.
This one is from my old pc.

Maybe you're missing some setting from the BIOS. Find your model on the Internet and set the recommended settings. Plus, try to boot it with the integrated GPU, then install the Nvidia Webdrivers, and then boot it up with the GTX. Installing a Hackintosh is not easy, but it is worth it 💪🏻

i will definitely try it in future 😁


Apple really handcuffs developers with this.

Some of us like handcuffs. 😉

worse keyboard ever. Mine failed after 3 months.

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