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Discussion on: What state management you use?

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Doruk Kutlu • Edited on

+1 for mobx - it is considerably faster to come up with a state management solution. The lib is really intuitive, and is closer to JS (in its constructs) than rx.

Things get a bit messy when the number of your stores increases, but then you have mobx-state-tree. It is the correct way of wielding mobx in a complicated state tree. That is, when you bashed your head against the keyboard enough times and understand how it works.

Here is something I did in 15 minutes. Doing those simple things even with the new Context API would take longer.

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Ansaf Ahmad

You are right about the messiness on larger projects. If you plan out how your state will be managed, you can avoid the messiness but I do agree that it's easier to mess up than to build it right the first time.