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Doruk Kutlu

meetings for 70% of the day.

Sad (for me). Is that where this road leads?

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Addy Osmani Ask Me Anything

It's not all that bad :)

Moving to management can feel like a large change. You give up some of the things you enjoy, like coding as much. Instead of building libraries, you're building teams and helping others build up their careers.

There's only so many hours in the day so you're going to hit a limit on how much you can "scale" yourself. When you're trying to help others develop their skills, it gives you a chance to do more of this scaling. You get to see how they would tackle problems (often in new and better ways than you would).

That said it's definitely not for everyone. I've been lucky for the rest of my time to still give me an opportunity to write or code..sometimes :)