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re: Author wrote about Photoshop, and Lightroom, and MS Office, not just about programming.

He wrote about it, I understand, but the question again is:

Is linux good enough for every day programming

I don't see myself using photoshop, lightroom, ms office for everyday programming.

I understand they're a factor, but again, looking at what's desired (everyday programming), it doesn't make sense to compare with programming, (and everyday programmers don't need fancy photoshop tools, inkscape, gimp etc can do those just fine)

sorry to disappoint you but I needed Photoshop (and firework earlier) for PSD/HTML template integration, for ms office and specially excel we used it for projects management and collaboration since we have a microsoft 365 subscription, and the web version wans't enough for me a least

again, you're using wrong tool for the job and blaming a OS for it, PSD isn't for UI designs, heard of either of XD, Sketch, Figma? they're meant for designs, and it doesn't matter which OS they support, because in the end you can see the spec through online interface.

What's "not cool" is putting someone down because you disagree with them.

Where have I put someone down? I'm just expressing my thoughts, if you think Linux isn't good enough for everyday programming, state facts and try to change my mind.

I've done so, I've been using Linux for heavy programming, and is my goto os for a while now, it's a fact and I can prove how much I use it.

What's actually not cool is you trying make me look bad without shedding any facts.

"Author is talking about programming, not designs, so jumping onto commenting about photoshop is just not cool man"

This was you putting them down.

It's not that I think Linux isn't a good development environment - it obviously is, though living with it for tasks that don't directly involve writing and running code can be a bit painful. You're right - use the best tool for the job. I commented because I thought what you said was dismissive and a bit rude.

Actually re-reading it, yes, I hear it too, I'm sorry about it. Thanks for pointing it out :)

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