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How To Make Multi Boot USB Drive In Linux/Windows

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How To Make Multi Boot USB Drive In Linux/Windows?

Its Easy, Follow The Steps Below And Make It In No Time.
alt text

For Linux:

Step 1:

Tool Installation
Go To Ventoy Official Website And Download Ventoy Tool (Available For Linux/Windows). You can also visit their Github Repo and check releases for official tool.

Step 2:

Setup (On Linux)

  1. Extract .tar file with cmd tar -xvf (filename) for example tar -xvf ventoy-1.0.42-linux.tar.gz
  2. Enter in ventoy folder by using cd (foldername) for example cd ventoy-1.0.42/
  3. Than enter your usb in your pc/laptop and type command sudo fdisk -l and find your disk and than copy disk name. For example in my case it is dev/sbd.
  4. Than type command chmod +x
  5. Than type command sudo ./ -i (your usb name) in my case its sudo ./ -i dev/sbd
  6. Than it will show some warning type yes .
  7. Than it will ask you for execution once again type yes again.
  8. Now your multi boot usb is ready.

You can also checkout Ventoy Docs for in detail info

Step 3:

Loading ISO Files On Ventoy USB

You simply have to copy paste iso files in your usb

Step 4:

Boot Your USB By Hitting Boot Menu. Enjoy!

For Windows:

alt text

1: You will get a .exe file on download page
2: Install Ventoy You Will Get GUI
3: It is more easy.

Checkout Official Docs Of Ventoy:-



See for detail


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