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Programmer burnout and stress - what to do next?

I recently experienced programmer burnout and even though I heard the stories from others, it was much worse than that.

It caught me off guard since I'm 32 so I thought I still have time. Basically my entire career is over and I cannot code anymore.

Because I always thought I'll be able to push through any stress, project, overtime, or deadline. But I was wrong...

This made me dig deeper into the topic of stress and I was shocked by the sheer amount of health problems people experience because of it.

I even compiled a list of 363 stress-related health problems that I managed to find so far and it's scary.

How do you prepare for the inevitable?

This seems so silly and obvious to me now...


Look around you... (I mean really look)...

... you don't see a lot of old programmers.

Do you ever wonder what happened to them?

My guess (and also based on my personal experience) is that they just couldn't do it anymore.

And if this happens on such a massive scale then your career plans should probably include your "after-career".

So my questions are:

  • have you thought about this before?
  • do you have any plans on what to do next?
  • how much longer do you expect to last?

Also, if want to read more in-depth version of my story then check out programmer burnout blog post and see what I did to succeed in the end.

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