By this app, public talk will directly reach these 'Union Ministers'

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Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Harsh Vardhan has taken the initiative to diagnose problems and solve them immediately.

There is a park in front of your house. Dirt is constantly being spread there. Many times the complaint was made to the administration but the result was cipher. Another such problem is that of a colony where dirty water is full in the streets.

The streets are so dirty that 'Swachhta Abhiyan' will make you bow down. How many common people struggle with similar and unknown problems, who have to make many rounds of government offices for their smallest problems. Sometimes the councilors sometimes sit around with another administrative officer and after sitting exhausted, people sit down.

In fact, many times such problems and complaints continue to get bigger due to hilariousness. The Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Harsh Vardhan has taken the initiative to prevent all these noises from being suppressed and to find solutions to problems.

An app has been launched under this. The name of this app is' Dr. Harshvardhan App '. Install it on your smart phone and post a video to Union Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan recording your problem.

From there, another video will come to you, in which you will be assured to solve the problem. But the matter will not be stung by coming to the assurance. Follow-up of the problem is resolved or not.

This app has many more sections including Connect Me, Janata Ki Awaaz, Green Good Deed, Years with RSS. Apart from this, every small and big thing of his political journey can be known through this app. In this app, which runs round the clock, you can see your program live along with chatting with your minister.

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