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Discussion on: Apple ARM announcement and what it means

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Yeah I don’t really see devs being able to move off Intel. Maybe like 5 years after they release but to me it seems like Apple only cares about the consumer customers and not so much about developers. It’s been obvious for the last couple Mac book pro release too

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leob Author • Edited

I agree that they probably don't care, which seems a bit dumb because devs are arguably their most loyal customers (look at the average dev conference and it's all Mac, Mac, Mac what you see).

But yeah Apple likely doesn't care, and then devs at some point will also stop caring and will look for alternatives.

Not completely sure though if ARM would be a deal-breaker by itself - as long as the tools/software we need would work on ARM then in principle it would be okay, right? It all depends on the amount of support.

But it doesn't seem to make things easier or more attractive, UNLESS these new ARM based machines would perform vastly better, for the same price.

Oh and if you need to produce iOS or Mac software then obviously you wouldn't have a choice anyway, so business as usual. But what I really wonder is if we could start seeing the same kind of Intel to ARM move with other platforms as well - PC/Windows/Linux, and maybe even server?

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Sergey Kislyakov 🇷🇺 🇺🇸

UNLESS these new ARM-based machines would perform vastly better, for the same price.

That's the point. Moving to ARM should increase power efficiency and probably lower the price since they don't have to pay Intel for the licenses and stuff. It should, theoretically, make the iPad and MacBook closer together so you would be able to run MacOS programs on iPad and vice versa.

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The only reasons to pick a mac as developer are either you build iOS or MacOS Apps.

For the rest you can go better with Linux or Windows + WSL2.

Apart from that, AMD is a good option to use as CPU on your laptop/desktop