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re: so, since this article was a little light on examples of easier questions or how steep the ramp-up is, i tried your guys' coding quiz to get a sens...

hey thanks - our quiz is adaptive so it gets more difficult the better you do.

yeah - this definitely applies to our technical screen as well. we try to use longer multi-step questions (e.g. implement a tic tac toe game) - and then watch that process. we do ask knowledge-base questions, but that's because we're trying to get a really broad view of candidates so we can match them with the right companies. we definitely don't expect engineers to be great at everything we test, we just want to find out where strengths lie. most companies don't need to test as broadly as we do since they only have specific roles to fill.

not sure that's a helpful answer - feel free to email me and we can talk more too. thanks!

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