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Discussion on: Slack / GitKraken / Discord electron loading screen tutorial

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Dan N

Thank you for sharing this tutorial. I work at an Electron app and stumbled upon this tutorial about creating a splash screen... All good, removed the error about deprecated setResizable, added all as suggested by the article but upon npm start the Splash shows up and an error about Uncaught Exception
If you have a few seconds to inspect a bit the main.js file, here's on pastebin
I'm not familiar with Electron nor any programming language for that matter, but I did managed to create an app with Electron Node.js and rederring content with Bootstrap 4x, what was missing is a splash screen and installer (building the exe for this app. So please bare with me. Thank you!

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Nicola Author

I think your error shows up because you didn't initialize the mainWindow object, you need to init it as follow:

mainWindow = new BrowserWindow(windowOptions);

In your createWindow method after the windowOptions definition.

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Dan N • Edited on

Its not that, but thank you anyway. I will try to find an answer which may be pretty simple to solve for experienced devs, but right now I'm not seeing it. Regards.