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Javascript: a kids game

cristalt profile image Marcelo Forclaz ・1 min read

Hi everybody, thanks for visiting my first post.

Since I've been working with JavaScript using different frameworks such as Angular, Vue and Expressjs for several years, I realized that I had forgotten some elemental concepts of native scripting.

Frameworks can make you more productive simplifying the common features that every application must have. But also can turn you a bit rusted about the fundamentals of the chosen programming language.

I have a three years old son who likes to play table games. Obviously, these games don't represents a difficulty for an adult person, but I took the oportunity to practice vanilla JavaScript at the frontend developing a simple memory game.

I share it because I think it could be useful for beginners developers as study case of the JavaScript's basics.

Feel free to make your own changes and PR's here:

I also used Vite as the builder. If you don't know what Vite is about, I highly recommend to checkout its documentation. It makes a bundle of your code using native ES Modules and making faster the hot reloading on dev time. Is very easy to use and has a lot of advantages. It supports Typescript out of the box, is extensible by plugins and highly configurable.

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Simon Holdorf

Thanks for sharing!