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Love the idea! I have rolled my own as well ( The one thing that I have found with "roll-your-own", even with simple projects is that if the developer is not disciplined enough to write the appropriate documentation in README files or comment their code, then all others are likely to fail trying to work with their code.

I wish that everyone had the same tenacity, discipline and confidence to build their own custom solutions but the truth is, they just don't teach most of what we do in colleges. What we provide with our vast experience is exactly that, we are "hammer and nails" and modern developers are "roofing tool 3000".

In the hopes of trying to make things easier, smart guys like us have worked to provide our implementations of practices and better tooling - we have contributed to the problem; a simple psychological enabling scenario.

The smarter that 10% of us get, the dumber and lazier 90% of others become because we gave them all the answers :-)

Software Development has become so subjective nowadays where every developer that manages to bolt together all of the complex libraries that someone smarter than us created are now experts in their trade.

There is no one-way to anything anymore with software, there is no manual to build the most efficient website or application. It takes experience to "do the right thing" and if a framework is a colossal learning curve for a small team, then it is a bad move.

I appreciate your experience and dedication, thanks for sharing!

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