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Swift has no data classes, does not have delegation or delegated properties, also doesn't allow annotations.

Kotlin's classes are final by default, has no struct or passing by value, doesn't have tuples, no type alias, and no guard statement/s.

Swift relies on ARC garbage collection and no it's not similar to C++ or Rust, Swift runs on top of Objective C code using llvm bit-code, so it does compile to native but has few extra steps, making it slower than C++, I don't think you can compare Swift with C++, it's definitely faster than Kotlin but that doesn't make it comparable with C++.

C++ directly compiles to machine code, but if not optimized, it can act like Java/Kotlin.


Very nice it's so detail, thanks for adding more pros and cons. I just write the general thing, but you awesome to add more. Yes actually other language can improve and extends to LLVM if that language can support JIT or AOT, and especially kotlin, kotlin can be native development with their LLVM, but it like you said before it same as swift kotlin native, it does compile to native with has few extra steps and making slower, but i am not sure compare the both language kotlin and swift about the performance if they do in LLVM mode. Thanks you for your comment. nice discussion.

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