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re: That would be ideal. In this case however, we have a variety of roles (owner, manager, assistant manager, teacher, substitute teacher), all with di...

I've never seen this lambda version of the cache key. The Rails collection cache code is quite easy to read. This is the line from github that gets your lambda - and if you don't provide one, they create a default one!


I usually create a wrapper object that implements a cache_key method to do the key generation. It also is then used inside the partial, so it's a little more noticable when you use data that isn't part of the cache key

For your case, you can do more in here for a complicated case

[ collection_item, current_user.user_role, current_user.teaches_class?(collection_item) ]

I've had object IDs and 4-5 booleans or enums in my cache key before now. Having 30 possible variants is still better than having 1 per user (unless you have only 30 users, in which case you may have optimized too soon)

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