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Discussion on: How I developed an app that runs and syncs on both desktop and mobile platforms alone

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Takuya Matsuyama Author • Edited

You are right.

In terms of scalability, I have a policy that scaling should be considered only when it has to scale.
I wanted to release the app as quick as possible in order to check if it solves people's itch.
Besides, Inkdrop is for professionals in a niche market.
Looks like I still don't have to massively scale out.

From feature perspective, I really think PouchDB & CouchDB were a great choice for my app as it supports revisions so you can restore old revision, which is handy to support edit history.
Changes feed is also awesome to support backup feature.

So, I'm totally happy with CouchDB and PouchDB with self-hosting.

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Rolf Streefkerk

it's an interesting database, I haven't considered using it since I'm so into the Amazon services world. Thanks for the explanation!